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Fire Pumps

Godwin’s line of high pressure fire pumps are the perfect solution for temporary, standby fire equipment pumping needs. Fully packaged systems from hose reel to hydrant applications satisfy even the most sophisticated requirements. Our comprehensive range of Dri-Prime® pumps handle flows up to 5,000 GPM (1140 m3/hr.) and pressures to 265 PSI (18 BAR). Materials of construction are specified to suit either fresh water or salt water. To ensure quality and reliability, all units are fully tested prior to shipping. Add the capability for remote starting based on line pressure drops, automatic priming with no operator assistance, and the ability to run dry indefinitely, and you’ll soon discover that Godwin provides the best portable temporary fire pumps in the industry.

Dri-Prime (automatic self-priming) pumps

Its  the best portable pump available backed by the best possible sales service in the industry, a reputation built on the combined strengths of two formerly separate companies.

When Godwin Pumps of America was born in 1976, our goal was to provide the finest customer service and be the best pump rental and sales company in the world. Realising the first step in reaching this goal was to match his “whatever it takes” philosophy with an exceptional product, founder, John Michael Paz chose the Godwin Dri-Prime® pump manufactured by Godwin Pumps Limited in Gloucestershire, England.  Nestled in the Coln Valley, Godwin Pumps Limited has been manufacturing pumps since the end of the 19th century. From the early days when Harold Joynes Godwin set out to provide windmills and deep well piston pumps,

through to the development of the Dri-Prime automatic self-priming pump, Godwin Pumps Limited continually provides unmatched quality in design.

After working hand in hand for over 25 years, Godwin Pumps of America acquired Godwin Pumps Ltd, combining outstanding customer service and first class design expertise, and making Godwin Pumps the undisputed leader in the portable pumping industry.

Compressed air is blown through a jet into a tapered tube to create a vacuum, air from the pump casing and suction line is drawn in with the compressed air and exhausted to the atmosphere. Water replaces the air – automatically priming the pump.

■ A fully automatic self priming pump.

■ Self priming completely from dry with long suction lines.

■ Handles air/liquid mixtures.

■ Rapid priming and re priming in snore conditions.

■ Solids handling.

■ No moving parts in priming system – no need for floats and no complications.

■ Operation by unskilled personnel.

■ Simple maintenance – can be carried out in the field by one man.

■ For dewatering, sewage, sewage sludge, industrial slurries and drainage, and in scavenging situations.

■ Electric driven versions are available, either with built-in compressor or arranged

Fire Protection valves



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