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Water Treatments

For more than 30 years there has been remarkable growth in the need for quality water
purification by all categories of users – municipal, industrial, institutional, medical,
commercial and residential.

As water goes through its cycle, it picks up impurities which reflect the composition
of the earths crust. The result water contains bacterial contamination,
impurities- turbidity, color, odor, taste, dissolved solids, hardness ...etc.

Shark united company presents different products to solve the problem of water pollution ,
so as to transform raw water to pure & safe water to use

Items Which Shark United Can Supply

Reverse Osmosis Units
Ozone Generators
Ultraviolet Units
Filtration Media
Resins and Water Treatment Chemicals
Dosing Pumps
Mobile Skid mounted Water Treatment Stations
Rotary Vane Pumps
Water Treatment Plants
PVC Fittings
Household R.O Units & Coolers
Engineering Works




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