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The English word "welding" and the greek word "therm" for pure exchange of thermal radiation between two bodies from the key word for the trademark WELDOTHERM which is nowdays a synonym for controlled heat treatment worldwide.

more than 35 years ago WELDOTHERM started to specialize on the development and fabrication of practice oriented, site proven and largely supervision free heat treatment units, sturdy heating elements of high material quality and all required components for related measuring equipment.

for many years WELDOTHERM fabricates heat treatment units in every required output ratings. today they are use worldwide on many sites, in workshop and all places where high demands on accuracy and precision in heat treatment is required.

WELDOTHERM has representatives and dealers in many countries all over the world who are at your disposal at anytime.

over the years WELDOTHERM extended its product range.

today WELDOTHERM is a universal developing and fabricating company of heat treatment units and offers customized solutions for almost any heat treatment task.

first class quality of all products and services under the WELDOTHERM trademark has always been and remains our motto.




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